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What our customers are saying

Debbie and her team at Precision Transaction Management have done a fantastic job supporting my real estate deals. Knowing that they are in the background paying attention to the details frees me up to focus on clients and new business. They are my go-to resource for compliance, CTM and simply staying organized. I find them responsive, hard working and pleasant to interact with. I consider them part of my success.

Blake Appleby, Broker

Douglas Elliman

Aspen, Colorado

What our customers are saying

Debbie and her team at Precision Transaction Management are amazing. Debbie’s extensive background in auditing makes her company the obvious choice for transaction management and sets her apart from every other company in town. What you get with this team for the same price is way beyond what other TC’s do. Debbie is a process guru and has created efficient and effective procedures that ensure the highest level of service on every transaction. I know that once I turn things over to them, every detail will be attended to and my transaction will be smooth sailing until closing… every time. I am slightly a control freak; Debbie works with all her clients to customize their TC experience, so how much or how little you want from them is totally flexible. Furthermore, her team’s expertise in CTM saved me from a few potential nightmares.. thanks! Debbie’s audit background compels her to focus heavily on regulatory compliance, so I sleep like a baby knowing I will never have an issue when one day my files are audited. The main reason I chose Debbie’s company was because of this very strong compliance focus. I did get the best in this area, but she provided so much more than I ever expected. It’s an incredible value for such a small fee… why didn’t I do this 2 years ago? And prices are completely competitive with TC’s who provide 1/3 the value. No matter what your production level, stop wasting so much time on administration… get to your revenue-generating activities!

Karen Christensen


Bonterra Real Estate

What our customers are saying

Debbie and her team are fantastic! As a broker, we wear many hats and with Precision Transaction Management handling the transaction and paperwork, I can rest assured that all our bases are covered and focus my time on expanding my business. If you are in production, or even remotely unorganized, Precision Transaction Management is a no-brainer!

Andrew Ford, Broker

Swan Realtor Group

What our customers are saying

It’s been 6 months and twelve transactions since we decided to use a Transaction Coordinator. Precision Transaction Management allows us to customize emails and to include all your own info to the client. They review the contracts and disclosures to be sure all paperwork is compliant with the Real Estate Commission, too. Using a Transaction Coordinator gives a higher level of security to you and your clients, because Debbie and her team process on track during this fast-paced schedule of critical dates, never missing deadlines. The clients answer both you and your TC, so you’ll not loose tract of the communication. No more waking up in the middle of the night questioning if we’ve missed a date. Precision Transaction Management provides a worry-free service, we can count on!

Babs and Craig Oliver RE/MAX Leaders

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